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Four Watering Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

By July 22, 2020January 30th, 2023Summer Gardening

Mother Nature hasn’t been the best at gracing our gardens with water this summer, which leaves most gardeners with all sorts of questions. When should I water? How much should I water? How can I conserve water? We thought this would be the perfect time to give you some tips on watering as well as some other gardening basics.

Mom and Son Watering the Garden

#1 – Water Early

This gives your plants time to soak up and fully absorb the water you are giving them, ensuring they have water before the day gets at its hottest point.
Watering Can

#2 – Avoid Watering the Leaves

Of course, it’s not always possible to not get the leaves wet. Try to avoid as much as possible. Watering their leaves doesn’t benefit them much as they are mostly unable to absorb nutrients from the water. Also, the excess water could possibly invite fungal infections and other diseases that thrive on moisture, which is why long slow watering is preferred to sprinklers, especially for new plants.
Man Checking Plants

#3 – Make Sure Your Plants Need the Water

Another way to not overwater is to first check to be sure your plants are actually in need of water. You can do this by checking how moist the soil is beforehand using your finger to determine how wet the soil is and how far down the moisture goes. If it feels properly hydrated a few inches down then you most likely do not need to water. Another way to check is by monitoring your plants that react most quickly to drying out. Then you can water as often as needed to prevent signs of dehydration. For instance, mophead hydrangeas may require a quick cool-off drink during the mid-afternoon in addition to their regular waterings.

#4 – Conserve Water Through Proper Mulching

One of the best ways to help keep your plants properly hydrated is by adding a thin layer of mulch. This helps retain water by minimizing the evaporation as well as preventing runoff when watering.

We also wanted to remind you to wait until the end of the day to spray repellant, insecticides, etc. That way the temperature will be below 85°F and the bees will not be around. This applies to both synthetic and organic sprays.

Another reminder is that vinegar is NOT an insecticide, it is an herbicide. It does not discriminate and will kill everything, so please use it with caution if you are using it as part of a solution as a weed killer!

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We hope you are enjoying your summer so far and your gardens are thriving!