2021 Tomato Varieties

Here is a list of the Tomato varieties we will be carrying this year, as well as a brief description of each. Please note that inventory changes frequently and this list does not reflect what we have in stock at any given time. You can find out what is currently available by visiting us or by calling (603) 772-2685 ext. 4.

Cherry Tomatoes

Black – Black Cherry Tomato Plants produce clusters of bite-sized, deep red and black tomatoes with a complex, juicy and sweet taste you’ll love.

Lucky Tiger – Lucky Tiger is a long yellow-green bicolor cherry tomato with green stripes and grows well in containers and in the ground. Its flavor is bright and very sweet. Fruit should be picked when they begin to slightly soften, at which time they are turning from green to yellow-green and may show marbling (depending on weather conditions).

Red Grape – Red Grape tomatoes are small in size and have an elongated, oblong to oval shape. The tomatoes also grow in large bunches of approximately twenty fruits, and the skin is smooth, taut, firm, and glossy, showcasing bright red hues when ripe. Red Grape tomatoes are somewhat firm to the touch when ripe and have a crunchy, soft consistency with a high sugar content. The tomatoes contain a sweet, tangy, and subtly earthy flavor with rich, savory-sweet notes.

Sungold – One of the most popular varieties of cherry tomatoes, Sungold ripens early to a golden orange, ready to harvest throughout the summer. These extra-sweet tomatoes stay firmer longer than other cherry varieties and will be ready to harvest twice a week once they begin producing fruit.

Juliet – Juliet bears delicious, sweet fruit that is crack resistant and remains in good condition on the vine longer than most cherry tomatoes. The fruit is as soft and juicy as cherry tomatoes, they hold up well in salads, even leftovers, and they have a longer shelf life so you can keep them on hand without picking every day. The vigorous vines set lots of fruit on long trusses and keep setting fruit throughout the summer. Quite heat tolerant. Vines are long and vigorous, so give the plant room to tumble over its cage. One of the longest-lasting tomatoes in the garden.

Purple Bumble Bee – Slightly elongated little cherries with the most amazing striping in lime green and bronzy-purple. Crack-resistant fruit is produced all season long on plants that are unfazed by temperature extremes. The flavor is complex but sweet.

Sweet 100 – Bursting with sugary flavor, Sweet 100s produce scarlet, cherry-sized fruits in long clusters right up to frost. You’ll definitely want to stake or cage these vigorous climbers to keep the fruit off the ground and avoid pests and diseases.

Yellow Pear – This plant grows bright yellow tomatoes that are small and shaped like pears. They will grow to between one and two inches in length when ripe. In addition to being tasty, colorful, and perfect tomatoes for snacking and salads, yellow pear plants are also desirable because they are productive. You can expect to get a steady and abundant supply throughout the summer.

Heirloom Tomatoes

Brandywine – Brandywine is a good-tasting heirloom tomato that is vigorous and bears large-lobed, beefsteak-shaped fruit. It is one of the most popular and best-tasting heirloom tomatoes. The very vigorous plant bear large-lobed, beefsteak-shaped fruit that is perfect for slicing. The thin-skinned, pinkish-red tomatoes are flavorful but not acidic.

Yellow Brandywine – A large golden-yellow beefsteak type tomato that can weigh up to two pounds. Its juicy, apricot-colored flesh has a robust flavor that is both sweet and satisfyingly acidic, more so than other orange or yellow-colored tomatoes, though not as tart. The tomato plant is an indeterminate, or vining, variety with potato-leaf foliage, with the large fruit growing along sprawling vines with smooth-edged, dark green leaves.

Cherokee Purple – Develops a fruit with a deep, dusky-rose color while maintaining a somewhat greenish hue near the stem when mature for eating. The deep crimson interior and clear skin combination give it its distinctive color. They are also notable for having a dense, juicy texture.

Moskvitch – Smallish, 4-6 ounce fruits, very uniform, globular, and deep red. Produced early and abundantly, the crack-resistant fruits are of outstandingly good flavor, used fresh or for canning and cooking. Performs well in cool to cold conditions.

Pruden’s Purple – Average fruit weighs 1 pound, is 4 inches across, and 3 inches high. Distinctive ridges, like the ribs of a cantaloupe, grid the fruit longitudinally. The color is more of a deep pink than a true purple. Flesh is firm and meaty and the flavor is wonderful. Contains very few seeds.

Pink Berkeley Tie Die – Compact plants produce beautiful 8-12 ounce fruit with a very sweet, rich, dark tomato flavor. Port wine colored beefsteak with metallic green stripes. Nice and juicy.

Green Zebra – These tomato plants produce fruit that is green with dark stripes. As the tomatoes ripen, they become a chartreuse green-yellow hue overlaid with mottled green and orange stripes. The fruit are relatively small, but the taste is huge, a sparking mix of sweet and tart.

Old German – Produce large, 1-2-pound, bi-colored fruits that feature golden yellow and reddish stripes coloration. Extraordinarily sweet, yellow flesh with few seeds inside. It is ideal for slicing and can be preserved by canning or freezing.

Striped German – Bicolor red-and-yellow, flat, medium-to-large tomatoes with variable shoulder ribbing are shaded yellow and red. The marbled interior looks beautiful sliced. Complex, fruity flavor and smooth texture. Medium-tall vines bear 12+ oz. fruit.

Mr. Stripey – Mild, sweet-tasting fruit has a high sugar content and grow to over 1 lb. each. Pretty and luscious, this tomato has rich yellow undertones covered with pinkish-red striping.

Black Krim – Produce large tomatoes with deep reddish-purple skin. In hot, sunny conditions, the skin turns nearly black. The reddish-green flesh is rich and sweet with a slightly smoky, homegrown flavor.

Hybrid Tomatoes

Jet Star – Prolific producer of big, globe-shaped fruits that ripen all the way through. Excellent flavor with low acidity. Nice, compact habit.

Beefsteak – Grown for their flavor and size. Produces large, meaty red fruit over a long season. Because it matures late compared to many other tomatoes, it will provide a fresh harvest in the latter part of the season. Vigorous vines grow best in tall cages.

New Girl – Dependable large harvests early in the season make this delicious Tomato a favorite choice among gardeners. Disease resistance makes it less susceptible to damage from various fungi. The indeterminate vines produce a continuous supply of fruit until frost. Great flavor

Early Girl – Classic round shape. Speedy growth and compatibility with low-watering methods. Bears lots of fruit for early harvest, but because the vines are indeterminate, they continue producing through summer.

Big Boy – Big with smooth, bright red fruit and a flavor that everybody likes. It bears heavily in mid-season, yet the indeterminate vines continue fruiting (though not as heavily) until frost. Long vines need staking, or grow the plant in a tall cage. Resistant to cracking.

Big Beef – Large fruit with old-time tomato flavor. Fruit is borne on vigorous, indeterminate vines from summer until frost. Vines grow long, so give the plant the support of a tall cage or stake. Compared to other beefsteak types, Big Beef is early and will set fruit reliably even in cool, wet weather.

Better Bush – Works well in containers and small gardens. Strong, bushy plants bear tasty, medium-sized tomatoes. The heavy foliage of this hybrid helps protect tomatoes from sunburn. Plants are strong and upright, but will still do best in a small cage or on a stake for support.

Paste Tomatoes

San Marzano – Teardrop-shaped, meaty, plum-type tomatoes. Sweet, complex flavor that creates a fabulous pasta sauce. Produce heavy fruit loads and need sturdy, tall stakes or cages. Expect vines to bear fruit right up to frost.

Amish Paste – Well-suited for paste, or as a slicing tomato. Acorn-shaped. Very large 8-12 oz. fruits are deep red, thick-fleshed and nearly seedless.

Proven Winners Tomatoes

Tempting Tomatoes ‘Garden Gem’ – Garden to Table Goodness. This semi-determinate, snack-size tomato has been hailed as a breakthrough.  It was developed to have true heirloom taste, with modern disease resistance and high fruit yield. It has firm, juicy fruit with a smooth, balanced flavor. These plants will produce tomatoes for an extended period of time and thrives in heat and humidity. Fruit ripens in about 60-65 days from transplant. If you grow them from seed, the first mature fruit will take 81 to 93 days. Great in containers.

Tempting Tomatoes ‘Garden Treasure’ – Garden to Table Goodness. This indeterminate, slicer type tomato has been hailed as a breakthrough.  It was developed to have true heirloom taste, with modern disease resistance and high yield of large fruit. It performs well in heat and humidity. It has a smooth, balanced flavor and is delicious in salads and sauces.  This tomato will produce fruit for an extended period of time. Fruit ripens in about 70-75 days from transplant. If you grow them from seed, the first mature fruit will take 91 to 103 days. Great in containers.

Tempting Tomatoes ‘Goodhearted’ – This compact, cherry-size tomato has been hailed as a breakthrough.  It is perfectly sized for growing in a container on your patio. For its size, it produces tons of ripe tomatoes. Tomatoes present prominently. Juicy fruits have a tender skin and perfect sweet to acid balance, with a Brix value of about 9. The somewhat heart-shaped tomatos are fun and interesting. They look especially cool when sliced in half, which shows off the heart-shape to best effect. The tomato shape helps this veggie be ornamental as well as yummy. These plants will produce tomatoes for an extended period of time and thrive in heat and humidity. Fruit ripens in about 65 to 72 days. The plant is determinate, which means it will maintaine it’s tidy size. Support should not be needed. Great in containers.


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