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Trees & Shrubs at Churchill’s

At Churchill’s, we strive to create a garden atmosphere that you can walk through and be inspired by the artfully created displays and combinations of plant material. We are stocked with many new and unique items as well as the more common tried and true specimens that thrive in our area. You can expect to find only the best quality plantings and most are of a “landscape friendly” size that you can easily manage to transport and plant on your own. Come enjoy a walk through our nursery and imagine the possibilities for your own landscape.


Our Nursery Manager, Brett Andrus, will be offering several events and seminars throughout the season. For a complete listing and details, visit for our Events Calendar.


Tree & Shrub Guarantee

Please visit our Policies page to read more about our Tree & Shrub guarantee.

Planting Instructions

? Choosing Plant Material

Please consider the following Factors when choosing a tree
or shrub:

  • Zone Hardiness
  • The plant’s ultimate size.
  • The plant’s characteristics.
    Are you looking for:
    Colorful or fragrant flowers?
    The presence or absence of flowers?
    Foliage color or texture?
    Unique bark?
    A low maintenance plant?
  • The conditions of the planting site.
    Do you have:
    Sun or shade?
    Wet or dry soil?
    Exposure to road salt, Winter winds and/or overhead wires?

All of these factors are important when choosing a plant. Please let a Churchill’s staff person assist you in making the right decision.

? Bringing Your Plant Home

Place your trees and shrubs in an upright position in a protected area. Keep them well-watered until time of planting. Plants will survive in burlap or in a container for some time, so long as they are watered and protected properly.

? Planting Trees & Shrubs

1. Dig the hole 1 ½ times wider and the same depth as the root ball or container. Digging a hole too deep will cause the plant to settle too low in the ground for optimum root growth.

2a. If the plant is in a container, remove the container. If the plant is root-bound, use a sharp knife to score the roots on three sides of the ball.

2b. For plants wrapped in burlap, untie the top of the burlap and unroll it ¼ of the way down the root ball. Place the top of the root ball even with the ground.

3. Do not remove the wire basket from trees. The basket helps to stabilize the root ball, and the cage will not interfere with root growth. Trees should be staked with flexible material, rope or a rubber hose, for one year to prevent them from leaning and rocking. Do not use wire to stake the tree; it will cut into the tree.

4. Use a planting mix. After your plant selection is made, the next most important decision you make to ensure success with your planting project is the proper soil amendment. We have ready to use bagged or bulk products. Please ask for recommendations.

5. Water the plant thoroughly by letting a hose trickle over the root ball, 10-15 minutes for shrubs, and 45 minutes for trees.

? After Planting

Mulch each new plant with bark or compost at a depth of no more than 2”. Leave room around the trunk. Never build mulch up on the trunk; it will suffocate the tree. Water all plants thoroughly twice per week, more often in hot weather. Do not depend on rain, as it does not provide plants the deep-rooted soaking, they need to stay healthy.

Insect control may be required depending on your plant’s environment. If you think your plant had an insect problem, please bring in a leaf or branch sample to one of our qualified employees for diagnosis.

? Fertilizing

We recommend an organic fertilizer such as a planting mix for the first year to help the plant develop a fibrous root system. If you prefer, you may add bone meal. Use a balanced and complete fertilizer after the first year. Please consult with our staff of professionals to help you select the fertilizer for your plant’s needs.

? Planting Service

Our commitment to service extends from our nursery to your property. We will plant trees and shrubs purchased from Churchill’s for 50% of the cost of material, before discounts, with a minimum charge of $50 (includes delivery). Soil amendments will be an extra cost and mandatory for planting guarantee.

For more comprehensive services, please contact our Landscape Manager or call (603) 772-2685 x5.

In need of expert advice?

You can count our experienced nurseryman and Manager, Brett Andrus, to answer any questions you may have.

Contact Brett today to learn more!